Range Upgrades

There is currently (21/10/2016) one major range upgrade planned/in progress, and two just completed:

Planned: Turning Targets at 25m

Design is underway for the installation of turning targets on the current 25m target line.

Chairman of the sub-committee is Mike Spickler.  If you are interested in participating in the design, and/or in the working bees for this, contact him on 0414851185  mspickler@bigpond.com

Completed: DTL Clays

The calendared DTL shoots will commence tomorrow (October 22nd) and continue thereafter as per the published calendar.  Cost $10 per 25 clays.

Completed : Range Inspection requirements

Following the inspection of the range, a large number of jobs were completed to meet the requirements.  Following this, a new range approval has been received, valid until 7th April 2019.  Range Approval 2016-2019